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Everything you need to always be up to date if your passion is cinema.

We are a Colombian media focused on film and audiovisual media, which seeks to show and encourage the visibility of national cinema and its new creators by covering the different festivals, with film analysis, and talking about the different news and trends of interest in our audience.

Within our page you will find different sections such as articles, our views, reviews and a collaborative space entitled The board where you can enhance the network of contacts, increasing your circle of influence and generating both business and employment opportunities.


What does Cliffhanger mean?


It is a narrative style by which a scene, usually at the end of the chapter or of a movie, generates the suspense or the necessary commotion to make the viewer interested in knowing the result or development of said effect in the next installment.


Our team:


A group of film lovers got together to combine their knowledge and specialties in a film portal that in a commercial and academic way will be able to scale the reach of national cinema in the country.



Juan Felipe Jaime - Director

Valentina Garzón Valbuena - Editor-in-Chief

Liseth Santamaria - Audiovisual Department

Natalia Murillo Pinzón - Corrector

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